Social Accountability Platform for SRSP (SAP)

THE main objective of development of SAP is to support, monitor and track the social activities of different implementing partners in real-time. SAP will cater the information needs of donors and program managers (Aitebaar, Coffey) and will collect and process data in ways that produce a variety of information for all the stakeholders. In a nutshell, SAP will be a conglomeration of people, machines, ideas, activities and applications that gather sand processes data in a manner that will meet the information requirements of implementing partner’s (e.g SRSP, DOST), Aitebaar and Coffey. Its purpose is to satisfy the information requirements, and collect field’s activities data and planning, controlling and decision-making needs at all the levels of management with following main objectives:

  • To allow field staff to record information on the status of demands identified by citizens’ groups (BLOs, CPF, GCF), track those raised with stakeholders, record the activities undertaken in support of resolving demands, and any ensuring responses.
  • To record and map information on the size and composition of the community groups and their extended networks of local stakeholders, including other citizens’ groups and power-holders.
  • To allow implementing partners to understand its activists’ political ecosystem, learn from their experiences and adapt its support to community groups and activists in real time.
  • To support regular two way communication between community groups, field level staff and program managers, with requests for assistance and instructions recorded

Client: Ekatay International

  • Contact Person: Thomas Kirk