Local Government Good Governance Index (LGGGI)

The project initiated been designed for Peshawar District only. However, it shall have the capacity to extend beyond Peshawar and cover all other districts of KPK Province and beyond. SRDO Project approach is organized by results, and the proposed activities represent their understanding of what is necessary to achieve each of the results.

The project initiated incorporates all the working areas of SRDO where it aims to get desired results from the field. The main area of interest are;

  • Development of Web Based LGGGI
  • Development of Mobile App
  • Capacity Building of LCGs & LGRs
  • Community Mobilization and Awareness

Further the project shall help to manage all the activities and shall give results which are to be converted to Key Result Areas (KRAs), and described in the technical approach.

The impact of Project’s intervention on local governance will be measured by the scorecard indicators. These indicators will achieve the following:

  • Capture major project impacts
  • Supply information concerning major activities undertaken through Project’s technical assistance
  • Provide a picture of implementation progress
  • Contribute to Peshawar District Local Government’s own performance management needs

Client: Shunazia welfare Organization,

  • Contact Person: Maryam (Program Officer)

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